Our car parked under a cherry tree – blossoms and petals piling over the windscreen wipers. Soft, frothy handfuls – vandalism, throwing them onto the pavement.


Following my post on the Daibutsu, I’ve been alerted to a Harvard College Library site which presents a substantial collection of digitised photographs taken in Japan between the 1860s and c.1905.  Early Photography of Japan also offers contextualising information relating to the photography, the photographers, and the collection from which the material has been sourced. In some cases, it also provides the chance to see complete albums (including one containing photographs by Beato) – well worth a look.

Other interesting online reading I’ve encountered recently:

  • George Szirtes’ blog (http://georgeszirtes.blogspot.co.uk) covers a range of topics including, but not confined to, poetry. He’s currently writing a series of posts on ‘An art education: remembering Leeds’, reflecting on his experience of art school in the late 1960s/early 1970s (there’s a great story about the sole project students were assigned…) Over the past couple of months he has also been discussing his role as guest editor of the forthcoming issue of Poetry Review, the journal produced by the Poetry Society in the UK. Both make fascinating reading.
  • Janis Freegard has recently undertaken another of her annual surveys of New Zealand poetry book publishing and gender, which indicate that ‘of every ten books, about 4 are by women and 6 by men’. The posts associated with the surveys (and comments) outline her process and include some interesting questions and discussion.