Portraits of the Moon

This month’s full moon was a ‘super moon’. Coming out near dusk, we saw it suspended over Foxton’s New World supermarket, a huge globe over the clusters of lights in the car park. (I didn’t have a camera with me; the image above is of an ordinary moon in the Wairarapa – the accidental flash drawing the attention of a small herd of cows, invisible over the fence, which wandered over to take a companionable look at what I was doing.)

The Adam Art Gallery has some great lunar photographs on show at the moment.* They include Real-Photo Postcards of the moon, ‘age 10 days’ and ‘age 22 days’ (each new moon new-born), and various ‘crescent moons’ acting as settings for portraits – much as in this image held by the State Library of Queensland, in which a couple sit in the arc of the crescent against a backdrop of pointed stars. The variety of faces in these moons is terrific – eyes, noses, expressions…

* in Dark Sky, Adam Art Gallery, Wellington, 1 May-8 July 2012