Song and metaphor


The first night, we heard coyotes. They howled and sang and the sound swirled around the valley, echoed by another band in the distance. It was different from anything we’d heard before, and spooky. We subsided, staring at the darkness. Then they stopped and everything fell silent. The stars ground on; the coyotes were once again invisible.


This week I heard an interview with a Cabinet minister who was responding to suggestions that New Zealand’s current stance on Kyoto was endangering its ‘100% pure’ branding. The minister intimated that ‘100% pure’ was unachievable unless the country emptied itself of people, and that the phrase was in fact ‘a metaphor’.

Metaphor or not, time seems to be up for ‘100% pure’ as a brand, along with the ‘clean, green’ tag. No doubt the search is on for an alternative line to hook the tourists. (In the interim, we seem to be back in ‘Middle Earth’ – though not, please God, for the whole of the rest of the sextet…) I think the minister is on to something – anyone for ‘100% metaphor’?