Last year, in a PBS item marking his 96th birthday, Lawrence Ferlinghetti noted that San Francisco had changed from ‘a wide-open city’ where you could arrive without heaps of cash and ‘just start anything you wanted’, to one which is pricing out those who are not well off, dominated by an influx of IT-types ‘with bags full of cash and no manners’.

Some commenters reportedly took issue with Ferlinghetti, one noting ‘Fogeys gonna foge’. (It seems the views of older people are automatically fogey, irrespective of speaker or view – unless they are in agreement with you, in which case they really ought to make themselves invisible and let you hold the floor.) Long may Ferlinghetti foge on.

Meanwhile displaced younger bohemians are shifting from San Francisco to LA, displacing communities of people on lower incomes in their turn. Trickle-down economics in action…