50 greatest etc

I followed the link from a New Zealand literary website: the 50 greatest quotes about poetry from poets, produced by the Huffington Post to mark National Poetry Day in the UK. Somebody had already added a comment pointing out that not all of those quoted were poets, but the thing that struck me most forcibly was that only two of the quotes were from women.

The slideshow included some classics, and some, um, not classics. One quote I particularly enjoyed was¬†G K Chesterton’s ‘Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.’ It’s a great proposition for a debate – but acting as if it’s true, I’ve endeavoured to remedy it by amending some of the other great quotes.

Most people ignore most cheese because most cheese ignores most people.

Cheese is, at bottom, a criticism of life.

At the touch of love, everyone becomes a cheese-maker.

Voila: more cheese than women, and with only a couple of minutes’ effort.